Have you ever wondered how to store your board? Of course, it’s not difficult, the most important thing is that the board is stored in appropriate conditions so it doesn’t get damaged. After investing in a good quality board, it’s worth the effort to find a place that will protect it from damage.

Nobody wants their board to be damaged, it can get damaged by the following things:

  • The ultraviolet rays that accompany sunlight can discolor and damage the shell of your board.
  • A wet environment can encourage mold and mildew and possibly damage the shell material of your board.
  • Exposure to high temperatures, either caused by the sun or another heat source, can do damage to the core materials and potentially cause the shell of the board to delaminate.

See? It’s  very easy to make the board lose its charm really quickly. If you have enough space, it would be a good idea to store the board inside, for example in a garage. However, probably the most problematic thing about paddle boarding is the paddle board storage. At 10 to 12+ feet long and 20 to 35 pounds heavy, it’s no easy task to find the right place to store it – especially if you live in an apartment. Having a garage is the most convenient storage place for your board, whether it is inflatable or epoxy. The temperature is more stable, there is no direct sunlight, and you can keep it off the ground by installing a set of racks. Plus, you can keep all accessories close in the same environment so that you don’t lose anything in the offseason.

Keeping it inside is a good solution so that the board is not exposed to the sun’s rays. Even though it will be stored indoors, you will still want to be aware of the placement of your board. Storing it directly across from a window in the hottest part of the house still exposes it to heat and sunlight. Because of this, it can still be subject to discoloration.

If you like the design of your board, you can also attach it to the wall, it can also serve as a nice decoration when not in use. It’s perfectly fine to stow your SUP outside, you just need to take certain precautions to protect it from the elements. Keeping it under a deck, below the eaves of a roof or under a strung-up tarp are all good options.  If shade is limited or not available, use a weather-resistant tarp that will cover the entire board at all times of day. Make sure the board is kept away from rain and snow as moisture can also damage it.

Remember that when you buy one of our boards, the set always includes the necessary accessories, including a backpack in which you can store the board, but only after deflating it, it’s also an option. When you do it, make sure the board is clean and completely dry. You need to avoid tightly compressing the board (stowing it loosely rolled up is best). Keep it in a cool, dry place (ideally indoors).

Remember to keep your board clean. Always clean sand, salt and dirt after you finish playing in the water. You can also wash it with soap and water, never use strong cleaners! Let the board dry before putting it away. A sun-protective spray can be applied to your SUP to provide protection from UV light.

If you know how to store paddle boards properly, you should be able to paddle board for many years to come with your board. Isn’t it great to know all these things?