MOAI tested on television!

A Dutch television program named “Kassa”on BNN VARA tested the MOAI SUP BOARD 10’6 along with four other sup board brands. 

The sup boards are tested for usability, whether it is easy to inflate and is it easy to carry, the finish and the performance. In addition, testers look at the board’s stability course stability and maneuverability.

The test panel consist of professional water sports enthusiast such as suppers, sailors and recreational users.

The experts are positively surprised about the inflatable SUP boards. One board ended last in the test with a 6.2 The MOAI SUP BOARD came out as the winner of the test with a final mark of 8.5. Testers found this sup stable, sturdy and steady on course.

Furthermore, they really liked the bag with wheels and found it practical, as everything fits easily into it.

The other four sup boards had final grades between 8.5 and 6.2 from the test. Our team is very proud of this result!

BNN VARA – KASSA / Which SUP board is bests
(Dutch language)




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