Check the weather

Before you go in the water you should assess your environment and check the weather forecasts. Also it is advisable to assess where the strong currents are and what your plan of action is. This will ensure your safety

Wear a leash

If you have a leash on your board you should strap this to your ankle. The leash is an essential piece of gear when you go in the water. It keeps your board close when you fall off it. Losing your board when you’re not near land can be very dangerous so make sure you always wear a leash

Get on the board
Walk into water with your board until you are in knee-deep water to prevent the fin from getting damaged. After doing this you have to put your knees besides to the handles in the middle. This will make sure you are perfectly balanced in the middle of the board.

Paddle on your knees

Paddle away from the shallow water and into deeper water until you have a safe area to stand

Stand up

Place the paddle in front of your knees and try to get up one foot at a time. Keep your eyes on the horizon to keep in balance more.

Start paddling

Start paddling as soon as you stand up by reaching forward and putting the whole blade into the water.





To get your SUP moving you will need to learn how to paddle. And to make things easier we have made a list of useful tips so you can learn it fast.

Follow these 4 easy tips to paddle straight on your SUP

Stroke away from the rail of your board

Try to reach as far forward as you can and plant your paddle until the paddle blade is fully submerged.

Angle your blade a little towards the rail

This angle will make sure the blade moves smoothly through the water and makes sure you go in a straight line.

Drag the blade to your feet with a straight deep stroke

submerge the blade into the water as deep as you can and pull the blade to yourself.

Change sides when needed

to keep your SUP straight you have to switch sides occasionally


Falling off your SUP is probably going to happen whether you like it or not. How to get back on your paddle board when you’re in deep water can be quite hard when you don’t know how.

  • Step 1: Grab the handle on the tail and push it down into the water

  • Step 2: Pull your upper body on the board by grabbing the rails

  • Step 3: Pull your body further on the board

  • Step 4: Place your paddle horizontally on the board in front of your knees

  • Step 5: After doing this get on your knees and hop up when you are ready

Remember this takes time to learn and it doesn’t matter if you fail the first time. Because every time you do this you’ll improve and it will get easier overtime.

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