MOAI kayaks & boats

MOAI still wants to develop, so every year we introduce newer and newer things, because we love innovation. This year we went even further and created two types of kayaks and boats in various sizes. MOAI is not only SUP boards, we love all water sports. We understand the requirements of our customers, therefore we always try to introduce something new and better. Before launching a new product on the market, we carry out thorough tests and improve things, if there’s a need.

If you are a kayaking fan, you will surely be pleased with our offer. The MOAI kayak collection has two different types of kayaks, Kanaloa & Tangaloa. Both designed for the ambitious adventurer with the well-known MOAI design. Suitable for calm lakes but also for rough water. Movable seat and footrest for ultimate comfort.

Maybe it’s time to take a trip with family and friends? The MOAI inflatable boats are the excellent way to start your adventure! Our inflatable boats are available in 3 sizes and made of high quality materials. The inflatable boats are provided with a PVC drop-stitch air deck that makes them very light without doing consessions on stability.

Kayaks – you have many options to choose from 


MOAI Kanaloa 1 pers

360 x 72 x 25,5 cm

Drop Stitch Material


MOAI Kanaloa 2 pers

430 x 78 x 25,5 cm

Drop Stitch Material


MOAI Tangaloa 1 pers

285 x 85 x 23 cm

Tube Kayak


MOAI Tangaloa 2 pers

385 x 85 x 23 cm

Tube Kayak


We have created several types of kayaks because we understand your needs and always strive for diversity. In addition to great technology, the kayaks have a beautiful design that perfectly represents our brand. MOAI listens & creates.

All kayak packages will be delivered with a kayak paddle(s), seat(s), pump and bag.






It’s not over yet! MOAI loves to surprise, so we went one level up and created 3 types of inflatable boats.

We want to offer a full watersport experience. MOAI inflatable boats are produced with high quality materials. They are available in three sizes. Provided with inflatable air chambers and a PVC drop-stitch air deck. This makes the boat very light and stable. There is the possibility to attach an outboard motor. Take a trip with friends or family or maybe just by yourself. Enjoy being outside with the MOAI inflatable boat. 

At MOAI, we want to make sure our customers have the best possible experience. Each inflatable boat is standard provided as a package with all necessary accessories to hit the water out of the box. 

Including storage bag, 2 aluminum paddles, wooden bench, pump, repair kit.

The sizes 

8’2” x 55”   | 250 x  140 cm  (product weight 25 kg, motor power 5hp)

9’9” x 61”   | 298 x 155 cm ( product weight 28 kg, motor power 15hp)

11’6” x 63” | 350 x 160 cm (product weight 34 kg, motor power 20hp)

MOAI is committed to growing, so that’s what we do. Have fun on the water!



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