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The MOAI all-round boards are the ideal SUPS for every adventure on the water. Suitable for every beginners, intermediates and even experts will enjoy our all-round paddle boards.
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Full Product range

With More then 23 sup boards, 6 kayaks and 3 boats the MOAI productrange is suited for every kind of customer. To complete the MOAI lifestyle we have added a lot of accessories en lifestyle products. As a dealer you can choose if you would like to sell the full range or only a part of the range that will fit your customer base.

Unique design

Our MOAI designs are quit unique, we like to create a lifestyle and have inspired our designs on the adventures of the Sea. The Polynesian. All board have a tribute to the Polynesian lifestyle and an orange dot in the logo is a wink to our Dutch origin.

Brand support

We offer you our support to build the brand. We believe to build the brand it important to work closely with our dealers. We can support you in events, marketing and graphics. We always listin to the imput of our dealers and love to work with them as a partner. Together we can build the brand!

High service Level

We are a small company with a high priority on service. As a dealer you will have personal contact with our team and we will always try to work out the best solution for you and your customers.

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