MOAI has now officially become a business partner of the World Wide Fund for Nature. MOAI has donated an amount to the WWF. We are happy to support the WWF’s projects to protect the ocean. Two thirds of our earth consists of the ocean. Unfortunately, our ocean is becoming increasingly polluted and overfished.

As water sports enthusiasts, we love to do our bit to keep the oceans clean and protect nature and marine life by supporting the World Wide Fund for Nature in reaching their goals. We are convinced that the ocean and aquatic life should not suffer from mishandling the ocean.

The biggest threats for the ocean are overfishing, bycatch, fishing techniques, pollution, plastic soup and climate change. The WWF is trying to protect the ocean by protecting sea areas, making agreements on sustainable fishing, stopping plastic pollution, planting mangroves and growing coral. With this, the World Wide Fund for Nature want to achieve the following goals:

By 2030, 30% of the areas that we protect from WWF-NL will be well managed by a sustainable approach.

By 2030, sustainable fishing will be implemented in 30% of the areas we focus on from WWF-NL. This ensures food security, reduced pressure on animal species at the top of the food chain, sustainable solutions for companies, and reduction of the plastic problem.

By supporting the WWF MOAI tries to give something back to the nature and stand up for a better world.

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