Some time ago, a test of various brands of SUP boards appeared on a Dutch TV show – including MOAI. The boards were checked from every angle.


The criteria were, among others, the ease of use of the board: is it good and easy to inflate, is it easy to take with you, whether it fits in a bag and how good the structure is, how easy it is to put the board in the water and whether it is a complete set (for example, if repair kit is included). The following were also looked at: stiffness, maneuverability and stability.

What else?

Various boards were tested for ease of use, performance and finish. Experts looked at everything. The paddle and the bag and their quality were also looked at.


,,Which board guarantees you won’t land in the water? Experts were positively surprised by the results. The MOAI board was the winner. The testers find this SUP sturdy and stable. The accompanying bag on wheels is beautiful and everything fits easily.’’

We are very proud of the result because MOAI has beaten other popular brands on the market.

Link to the test:




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