Water sports are not only about having fun, it’s also about health. By doing SUP, many muscles in your body work, you gain a lot from this sport. MOAI supports a healthy lifestyle, so we are happy that we take part in it, because we love water sports and the awareness that we infect others with it. If you are a lover of all kinds of sports, you must try SUP yoga, which we love! MOAI also believes in health charities, such as Pink Ribbon, that’s why we’re supporting them. A healthy lifestyle is also a healthy mind.


Pink Ribbon

Besides protecting the environment, MOAI also wants to support human charities. For each pink board sold, MOAI makes a donation to this foundation. One in seven women have breast cancer. Pink Ribbon is committed to a better life for breast cancer patients in all phases of the disease. By raising money, Pink Ribbon finances research into the treatment and aftercare of long-term effects of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon has been part of the Dutch Cancer Society KWF. They are committed to reducing cancer and getting it under control. Together we stand (up) for a better world and a better life for breast cancer patients.

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