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La MOAI 8’2 Tabla para Niños es la tabla de SUP perfecta para los jóvenes usuarios, queríamos crear algo específico para los niños.

Ideal riders weight

45 kg

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60 kg




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MOAI Kids board 8’2

La MOAI 8’2 Tabla para Niños es la tabla de SUP perfecta para los jóvenes usuarios, queríamos crear algo específico para los niños. La tabla tiene un diseño totalmente diferente al de las tablas MOAI regulares, ¡así que llama la atención! Este modelo es ideal para el joven adulto entusiasta que quiere crear nuevas aventuras en el agua.

La MOAI 8’2 Tabla para niños es muy estable y fácil de girar en el agua debido a su forma. De peso ligero y, por lo tanto, muy portátil para los niños. Será fácil de llevar a cualquier lugar. Está hecha de materiales de alta calidad. Como siempre, pensamos en todo y en todos. En MOAI hacemos creaciones para las personas, por eso valoramos tanto la calidad, y realizamos muchas pruebas antes de lanzar cualquier producto, para que nuestros clientes estén siempre satisfechos.

Accessories for kids

MOAI Kids Poncho Naranja



Aluminium Kids Paddle

Perfecta para niños


MOAI Kids Backpack

Your first SUP adventure

Tecnología De Tejido De Punto De Una Sola Capa

When we were creating Kids Board, we wanted it to be very light, which means easy to carry for children. Boards made in this technology guarantee great stiffness and maintain the original shape in all conditions. Dropstitch fabric on its own isn’t very rigid, so then a liquid PVC layer covers the dropstsitch which, once dry, creates an airtight seal. This is the single skin.

Cuando estábamos creando la Tabla para Niños, queríamos que fuera muy ligera, es decir, que los niños pudieran transportarla fácilmente. Las tablas fabricadas con esta tecnología garantizan una gran rigidez y mantienen la forma original en todas las condiciones. El tejido de punto por sí solo no es muy rígido, por lo tanot,  una capa de PVC líquido cubre el tejido de punto que, una vez seco, crea un sello hermético. Este es el único revestimento.

SUP with Kids

We can start the first attempts to swim with a child from an early age. However, it all depends on the will of the child. We must remember that especially small children have a problem with staying in one place for more than a few minutes, and therefore the best way is to start swimming close to the land, so that you can quickly and safely transport the child to the shore in case the board gets too boring.

As a child becomes more familiar with the board and gets used to it, you can try longer routes, which will translate into greater interest and learning about new opportunities for the child. Swimming together can also be used to learn and explain to the child how it all works, what to pay attention to, how to use a paddle, and what to do to keep this sport safe.

You must always remember to take care of the child’s safety. Essentials include a cream with a UV filter (in warm and sunny weather), a vest and a leash

When you go out with the children to the water, it’s normal to take more bags, that is: extra towels, a change of clothes, sweatshirts as if it were to cool down. More snacks, etc. Blankets are also a nice option because kids like to sleep on SUPs. Therefore, capacious drybags are an indispensable piece of equipment, that’s why we recommend our drybags because you can choose between a few sizes and colors!

We did many tests before creating the final product. Thanks to this, we are sure that our Kids Board is perfect, light and durable. Interesting design will surely appeal to every young lover of stand up paddleboarding.