Surf Therapy

Surf therapy combines the therapeutic elements of the ocean with the adventure of surfing to increase the physical and mental well-being of children, youth and adults. Surf therapy has been scientifically proven to be effective and contributes to growth in various physical and mental areas.

MOAI believes in the power of this type of therapy and we are proud to support organizations such as Waves For Change, Xperanza and Surftherapie NL. We want to increase understanding of mental health.

Surf therapie NL

This organization is focusing on a form of therapy for rehabilitation after neurological disorders such as brain damage. Participants go to the sea with SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle). It’s not only fun, but also contributes to the regeneration of the nervous system. When recovering from a brain injury, difficult rehabilitation in a difficult, high-intensity physical environment is of great importance.

When people start rehabilitation after a stroke, they have to re-learn many skills. Surf therapy meets all of these criteria. Surfing is a difficult activity, especially if you use it for rehabilitation. MOAI tries to help several charities, that’s why we’re donating products (including boards) to this organization. We believe and want to support the surf therapy.

Xperanza – Gravity Cartel

Xperanza has been around for a number of years now and was founded by GZ psychologist Evelien von Eije and her husband Sander Knol, from idealistic reasons. The treatment within Xperanza is based on small scale, working from the relationship and focused on the individual and the possibilities instead of the limitations of a young person.

Xperanza stands for two words: Experiencia, which means experience in Spanish and Esperanza, this is hope. The combination of these words fits well with what Xperanza aims to offer young people. Through experiential learning, offering hope for a happy and promising future.

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