Xperanza – Gravity Cartel uses paddle boarding as an aid to recovery from mental health problems. An initiative dat MOAI believes in and want to support. The treatments of Xperanza is based on small scale, working towards a relation and focused on the individual and the possibilities in stead of the limitations of young people. 

Gravity Cartel provides various sup board lessons to the young people of Xperanza. Xperanza is a recognized healthcare institution with a wide and tailor-made range of diagnostics, treatment, guidance and accommodation for young people up to 23 years old. In Spain there is a project abroad where the groups are offered sup board lessons. These sup board lessons will have a positive effect on the mental health of the young people. 

Xperanza stands for two words; Experiencia, which means experience in Spanish and Esperanza, this means hope. The combination of these words fits well with what Xperanza aims to offer. Learning, through experience and offering hope for a happy and promising future. MOAI believes in the power of water sports with the treatment of mental problems. For this reason MOAI has donated several paddle boards to Gravity Cartel.


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