How do I keep the best balance on a SUP board?

Stand Up Paddling is a balance sport on the water. You are constantly busy with keeping your balance. This can be quite a challenge. It is also a great workout for your body. You train a lot of muscles during a SUP session.

During a quiet recreational SUP session of about an hour, you burn around 224 kcal. This can go up to 400 kcal per hout with an intensive SUP tour. Paddle boarding offers a multitude of health benefits. For instance, it relieves stress and gets yoiu in peak physical shape.

When you go on the water with your SUP you start on your knees at the height of the handle. Set your feet to the width of your shoulders. Then look forward when you go to a standing position with one leg. Try to keep balance and then stand up on two feet. Keep your knees a little bent and keep looking ahead.

When you get unstable try to get low and slap your paddle on the water at the sides. Or if it’s possible try to paddle and get some speed. Paddling is stability, like riding a bicycle.

With these tips you should be able to maintain your balance more quickly and improve more quickly. So try them out on your next SUP adventure and most of all happy paddling!


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