How to: US Finbox




How to: US Finbox

For some paddlers, having high-performing and carefully selected equipment is one of the most important parts of their paddle boarding experience. If you want more control over your board’s performance, consider a board with a customizable fin system that allows you to replace the fins to suit different types of paddling. Do you want to put the fin on the board, but don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t know what US Finbox really is? We can explain it to you! It’s a structure in the aft part of the bottom used to mount the fin. There is a solution that allows to move the fin in relation to the longitudinal axis of the fuselage, it’s the US system. A fin box is the built-in slot that accepts and secures fins on a paddle board. A fin box allows you to remove and swap fins. However, the fin you want to use must be compatible with the fin box.



Forward – when you place the fin in the fin box, slide it forward toward the nose of the board, don’t skip it because this is where you will want your fin if you are doing any SUP surfing.  With the fin in the forward position the board will be easier to maneuver (left or right)


Center – it’s the most versatile option. This is where you will usually want your fin placed on all-around boards when cruising on water. This is the best fin position for just cruising around and chilling.  With the center fin position, the board will still maneuver easily, as we said before when we were speaking about forward position, so no worries!


Back – Sliding the fin to the back of the fin box, towards the tail of the board will make your SUP harder to turn and maneuver yet it will stiffen the movement so that the board goes straighter for a longer period of time. So if you want a simple, steady move, this position will be perfect. Remember, however, that in this position the board is less maneuverable!The back fin position can be used if you plan to do longer straight paddles. So it will not be an ideal position for everyone, but it is worth trying and see, maybe it will be for you!



How to attach the fin?

You already know what US Finbox is, what are the differences in different placement positions, but how to attach it? There is nothing easier with us! Are you installing Finbox for the first time? It may be a little tricky, but once you learn, you’ll understand how simple it is.

Follow our steps :

1. Unscrew the screw from the fin.

2. Take the little fin plate and slide it back on the track on the fin box. The easiest way to do this is to secure the screw into the plate lightly then hold onto the top of the screw to guide the plate into the track. Once the plate is in the track you can unscrew the screw and put it aside.  You can place the little plate anywhere near the back end of the track.

3.  Take the fin and rotate the front of the fin base down into the track and then slide the front end forward.  Don’t give up if it might not work out the first time. Line up the hole at the top of the fin base with the hole in the screw plate

4. Drop the screw that you set aside into the base of the fin and thread it into the screw plate.  Twist until tight.

You can give the fin a little tug to make sure it is threaded properly and secure in the fin box.

After use we recommend removing the fin from the fin box and securing the screw and plate to the fin for storage. It is important.



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