MOAI Wheelybag Grey

Perfect for your SUP



MOAI Wheel Bag Grey

The MOAI Wheely Bag Grey is a backpack and trolley for your SUP board and accessories. We understand that convenience and portability are important when you want to travel with your paddle board and accessories in different places.

Our boards are inflatable and you need a good backpack for this. With our standard MOAI model you can safely store your board and take accessories wherever you go. The wheely bag is made of premium materials, it’s sturdy and the wheels make it easy for everyone who wants to pull it instead of carrying it. The wheely bag comes with the exclusive MOAI design.

The backpack includes a system which makes it easy to carry. Two handles (one on the top, second on the side). Wheels at the bottom in case you’d rather pull it than carry it. An additional zippered compartment on the front to keep small personal belongings safe. Internal straps to secure the board and accessories. External straps to shrink the backpack if necessary.

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