Are you looking for different types of drybags? Or maybe you need a paddle bag? Are you going for a SUP trip and need a waterproof backpack? Do you want to replace your wheeled backpack? We have answers to all your questions, just look here.


These comfortable & cozy accessories can also be used as a great gift! Give someone joy, and by supporting our brand, we support various charities. MOAI – we help, we donate, we innovate, we create.

MOAI design poncho Mint green

Get dressed


MOAI poncho petrol

Get dressed


MOAI Kids Poncho Orange

Get dressed


MOAI Beach Towel

Best friend on a beach


MOAI Cap Black

Sun protector


MOAI Cap Grey



Baby Blue Sunglasses

Perfect For Sun


Light Beige Sunglasses

Perfect For Sun



Manual or electric? If electric, then 12V or Battery? Well, you can easily decide because we have both types of pumps in our offer. Read the descriptions on product pages and you will know which one is the best for you.

MOAI Double Action Pump

Inflate & deflate


MOAI Electric Pump 12V

Make pumping easier


MOAI Electric Pump Battery

Make pumping easier


Air Control Valve

For deflating



We offer high-quality fins in different variants, made of various materials and for various applications, especially for your needs.  Read the descriptions on product pages and you will know which one is the best for you.

MOAI all-round honeycomb fiberglass fin 9″

Go fast


MOAI Touring honeycomb fiberglass fin

Go even faster


MOAI US Center fin

Stay stable


Screw for US Center Fin

Don't worry about losing one



In our offer you will also find accessories such as a bottle for hot & cold drinks and a cooler bag, which will be perfect for traveling. As always, we think about everything and everyone. Remember that we are trying to expand our offer with new products.


Have you forgotten about something? Remember not to go to the water without a leash attached to the board! If you buy a MOAI board, a leash is included in each set, thanks to which you will always be safe. However, if it gets lost or damaged, you can easily buy a second one here.

MOAI Safety Leash

Safety first



You can easily create a kayak from your SUP board, thanks to this seat. We also offer a kayak paddle, but we sell it separately. Boards from which you can make a kayak: MOAI 10’6 (WS model also) and MOAI 12’4.

MOAI sup/kayak seat

Just sit down



Carbon? Aluminum? Fiberglass? We have a wide selection of paddles, you decide how light you want it to be and how it looks. Need a kayak paddle? No problem, we have it too. Take a look and you will find something for yourself.


If you need small spare parts, we’ve made it easy for you – now you can buy anything here without worrying about running out of items.


Aloha! Meet MOAI. The ideal board for every SUP lover, beginner or experienced. We designed our paddle boards because we believe that everyone should be able to play out there on the water. Paradise is just a paddle away!

Our boards are inflatable, easy to take with you, and made of high quality and innovative materials. All the boards are fabricated with fusion technology, which makes them lighter, more durable and more environmentally friendly. We added new technology: woven drop-stitch. This offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio. At MOAI we believe in quality, durability, and portability, to give consumers the best possible experience on the water. Each paddle board is standard provided as a package with all necessary accessories to hit the water out of the box.


In the standard package you have a fiberglass paddle and upgraded backpack.

Designed in Holland, inspired by the Polynesian inventors of paddle boarding. With every purchase we also donate to our charity organizations. Together we stand up for a better world!

We created Kids board 8’2, which will be great for young SUP users. All designed with attention to detail and our well-known MOAI design. We have several types of boards: the all-round classic boards, touring boards, specials and two limited edition boards. Discover them all!