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Black Fiberglass Paddle

The Fiberglass model comes with a nice & light blade. The paddle consists of 3 parts and is adjustable, so everyone can adjust it very easily to their height. Fiberglass is a light material, that’s why our customers like this paddle. If you often go on SUP expeditions, you surely know how important a paddle is, the lighter the better.

The MOAI Fiberglass Paddle is a great paddle to complete your SUP adventure! It’s made from high-quality Fiberglass. The paddle is adjustable in length, what does it mean? You can easily adjust the length for your personal needs, isn’t it great? You don’t have to worry about the size because you can always change it.

What about the blade? Let’s start with the measures, width is 19,5cm which is pretty standard measure. The shape will make your paddling adventure very comfortable. It’s worth knowing that paddles also matter with your SUP experience. Why? As we said before – it’s all about the weight. Fiberglass paddles are second when it comes to weight (first are carbon ones). MOAI cares about details, which is why we have devoted a lot of attention to the design, which is very elegant and minimalist. We always test our products, so we can safely say that we are very satisfied with this paddle.

Dimensions: 175CM – 215CM

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