MOAI Touring 14′

Touring and Race


Short description

Get even higher performance with the MOAI 14’ Touring. The ideal SUP for the real fanatics! Its streamlined shape will get the best out of your performance.. With an extra PVC carbon stringer over the length of the SUP it will provide even more stiffness and stability.

Ideal riders weight

90 kg

Max riders weight

180 kg




Kayak seat option





MOAI Touring 14′

The features of this SUP board make it perfect for touring or even racing. A real challenge! Its streamlined shape will let you glide through the water! Because the board is more narrow you can technically make a better stroke, which ensures that you have to make fewer strokes. The MOAI 14’ has two luggage nets for cargo. You can take enough with you if you’re planning a longer trip. The ideal board for the advanced and ambitious users. Designed for longer distances on the water. Light and fast but still very rigid and stable. The MOAI 14’ comes as a complete package with all necessary accessories. Let’s make some new adventures!

Fusion technology / Carbon PVC stringer

Created with fusion technology, which makes the board lighter and durable. Fusion technology consists of two layers PVC. These two layers are not glued together as with a traditional double layer SUP boards, but are formed as a fusion. No glue is used in this process, which makes it more environment friendly, without making any concessions to the quality of the board. Thanks to the use of fusion technology, weight is drastically reduced while increasing material strength, stiffness and durability.

Provided with an extra reinforced carbon PVC stringer along the top and bottom centerline. It significantly increases the board stiffness. This will greatly affect your SUP performance!


MOAI Touring 14′ specifications

  • Board
  • Dimensions
  • Product weight
  • Volume
  • Max pressure
  • Sku
  • 425 X 71 X 15 CM
  • 14,24 KG
  • 330 LITERS
  • 18PSI
  • M-21140

The MOAI comes as a complete package

The MOAI 14’ SUP board is standard provided as a package with all necessary accessories to hit the water out of the box.


Double-action Pump

Wheely bag


Fiberglass Paddle

US Fin

Repair kit

Complete your adventure

MOAI Beach Trolley

Easy transport

MOAI Dry Bag 20L Orange

Keep your belongings dry


MOAI Beach Towel

100% Cotton

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