MOAI Big Board 18′.


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The MOAI 18’0 Big Board SUP is the perfect board for groups. This board is designed for groups up to 6 people. Perfect for recreational use!

The MOAI 18’0 has multiple heavy duty side handles to carry it. It is inflatable and multi-functional. Created with fusion technology, which makes the board lighter and more environmentally friendly. Due to its size the board is very stable in any water condition.

It can be used for team building on flat water or cool river tours. The MOAI 18′ guarantees a lot of fun.

Product details
Dimensions: 18″ x 60″ x 8″ (550 x 152 x 20 cm)
Max weight: 650 kg
Product weight: 27 kg
Volume: 1400 liters
Max pressure: 8psi

The MOAI 18′ Big Board package includes:

  • 2 Double action pumps
  • 5 Center fins
  • Repair kit

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Out of stock

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The MOAI board includes:

  • Side handles – The board has multiple side handles to easily carry the board to the waterside once inflated.
  • Comfortable pad – The board has a comfortable foot cushioning foam pad to stand on. This so-called EVA pad is also anti-slip.
  • Detachable fins – The board has a system of 5 fins.

The MOAI 18′ includes:

  • Double action pumps – Included are two double action pumps, which will cut time to inflate your board by half. This gives you more time on the water!
  • Repair kit – The package also contains a kit for small repairs to the board.

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