MOAI Water Bottle

For hot & cold drinks


In stock, delivery in 3 work days


In stock, delivery in 3 work days

MOAI Water Bottle

Stainless steel drinking bottles are very popular because of their extreme stability and hygienic properties. The MOAI water bottle is ideal to take with you during an active SUP trip. For example, take it with you in a dry bag, so you are always provided with something to drink on the way. You can keep your drinks extremely cool or hot drinks just nice and warm.

This bottle has a tight and secure closure thanks to high-quality bamboo lid with silicone seal. A stainless steel drinking bottle has the same taste neutrality and is also very good in the dishwasher. A refillable (plastic-free) water bottle is harmless and offers a stylish alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

Capacity: 750ml

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