is an organisation which focuses on a new challenging form of therapy in the rehabilitation after a neurological disorder such as a brain injury. Participants of the therapy go out to sea with Stand Up Paddle boards. The most important reason to go out there on the water is the contribute to neurological recovery, but the fun part is also important. For recovery after brain injury, challenging rehabilitation in a challenging environment with high physical intensity is of great importance. Surf therapy meets all of those criteria. The beach, the water, the outdoors, all suit a challenging environment. Moving through the sand, water, waves and all the efforts to get on the board are very physically intensive.

On the water it is impossible to think about what to do exactly. To stay on the board you are forced to use automatic reactions. Because this brain activity is often in a different area than the brain damage, you see that the movements are much better en smoother. This gives confidence and we see that in the entire movement pattern after the surfing session.

MOAI believes in the power of the waves and the way works and that’s why we are supporting them by sponsoring several materials. Another way we are standing up for a better world.