The Best Kids SUP Boards for 2023

Reminder that any water can be unpredictable
Be sure that there is always an adult present in case the child needs assistance or if anything goes wrong.
If you’re looking for a fun and healthy activity for your kids, you might want to consider sup boarding. Sup boarding, or stand up paddle boarding, is a water sport that involves standing on a large board and using a paddle to move across the water. It’s a great way to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and have a blast with your family.

But sup boarding is not just a recreational hobby for kids. It also has many benefits for children’s development, both physically and mentally. In this journal we will tell you the reasons why sup boarding is good for kids and how we crafted our SUP boards to be the best for kids.

Two kids having fun on a single MOAI SUP board on the water

The Benefits of SUP Boarding for Kids

Sup boarding improves balance and coordination. Standing on a board that is constantly moving requires a lot of core strength and stability. Kids who practice sup boarding can develop better balance and coordination skills, which can help them in other sports and activities.

Sup boarding boosts confidence and self-esteem. Sup boarding can be challenging at first, but once kids master the basics, they can feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. They can also learn to overcome their fears and try new things, such as different strokes, turns, or tricks. Sup boarding can help kids build confidence and self-esteem, which can benefit them in other aspects of life.

Sup boarding fosters creativity and imagination. Sup boarding is not just about following a set of rules or instructions. It’s also about exploring the water and having fun. Kids can use their creativity and imagination to create their own adventures, games, or stories on the board. They can also express themselves through their style, speed, or movements.

Sup boarding encourages social skills and teamwork. Sup boarding can be a social activity that brings kids together. They can share their experiences, learn from each other, and support each other. They can also work together as a team to paddle in sync, navigate obstacles, or race against each other. Sup boarding can help kids develop social skills and teamwork, which can improve their relationships with others.

SUP boarding sparks their passion and adventure. Sup boarding can inspire children to pursue their dreams and goals, as well as try new things and challenge themselves. It can also open up opportunities for them to travel, compete, or teach sup boarding in the future.

SUP boarding also teaches them respect and responsibility. Sup boarding involves taking care of the equipment, following the safety rules, and being aware of the environment. Children can learn to respect themselves, others, and nature while sup boarding.

A kid leaning on a MOAI SUP board giving a thumbs-up

A kid on the beach holding a MOAI kid SUP board

Fun SUP Board activities that kids will love

The benefits are of course great, but kids want to have fun and they deserve it! So if you are looking for some fun ideas to do with your kids and a sup board. Well, you’re in luck, because we have a list of awesome activities that will make your family time more enjoyable and adventurous. Here are some of them:

Go on an Adventure. Grab your sup board and paddle and head to the nearest lake or river. You and your kids will have a blast exploring the water, spotting wildlife, and enjoying the fresh air.

Try some Yoga. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some sup yoga with your kids. You can find online tutorials or join a class near you. Sup yoga is a great way to improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination while having fun with your little ones.

Relax and Enjoy. For a more relaxing activity, pack a picnic and some books and float on your sup board. You can take turns reading stories, playing games, or just soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated and energized. Perhaps some yummy apple pie?

Play SUP Games. Another fun idea is to play some sup water games with your kids. Like tag, catch, or dodgeball. You can use a soft ball or a water balloons to make it even more fun for the whole family.

Get Creative. If you want to get creative, you can decorate your sup board with stickers, paint, or markers. You can also make some accessories for your board, such as a flag, a sail, or a horn. Let your imagination run wild and show off your personality.

Make a splash. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most fun. You can just splash each other with water, jump off your board, or do some tricks like flips or spins. You can also use squirt guns, water balloons, or buckets to make it more exciting.

Catch Fish. Bring along a fishing rod and some bait, and see what you can catch from your SUP board. You might need a cooler or a bucket to store your fish. Don’t forget to check the local regulations and get a fishing license if needed.

But why Choose a MOAI SUP Board?

Two kids on the beach, each holding a MOAI SUP board

We want kids to enjoy SUP boarding

Some are better suited for children and young adults than others. That’s why we have developed one of the best SUP board for children and young adults in the market. Our SUP boards are specially designed to be lightweight, stable, durable and easy to use.

Our child SUP board also have safety features such as non-slip surfaces, handles and leashes. Our SUP boards are made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. They are also affordable and come with a warranty.

🌸 We use a soft-top construction that provides a comfortable and stable platform for kids to stand on. The soft-top also reduces the risk of injury from falls or collisions.

🌸 We use a drop-stitch technology that allows us to create a rigid and inflatable sup board that can be easily transported and stored. The drop-stitch also enhances the stability and maneuverability of the sup board.

🌸 We use a triple-fin system that improves the tracking and steering of the sup board. The fins are removable and adjustable, so kids can customize their sup board according to their preferences and water conditions.

🌸 We use a non-slip deck pad that covers the entire surface of the sup board, giving kids a secure and comfortable grip. The deck pad also adds extra cushioning and protection for the sup board.

Our selection of SUP Boards perfect for kids!

MOAI Kids Board 8’2

Little Explorer

Ideal riders weight

45 kg

Max riders weight

60 kg




Kayak seat option




Sup & Surf

Ideal riders weight


Max riders weight





Kayak seat option



MOAI 12’6 Touring

Longer distances

Ideal riders weight

120 kg

Max riders weight

170 kg




Kayak seat option



So what are you waiting for? Give your kids the gift of sup boarding and watch them have fun while staying fit and healthy. Order our sup boards today and get ready for some family adventure on the water.

You can also visit us today and  get your child a SUP board that they will love. You’ll be amazed by how much they enjoy SUP boarding and how much they benefit from it. We at MOAI know that SUP boarding is not only a sport, it’s a lifestyle. And we’re here to help you and your child embrace it.

“My kids love their SUP boards! They use them every weekend at the lake, and they have so much fun. They have improved their balance, coordination and strength, and they have made new friends along the way. Thank you for making such a great product!” – Lisa, mom of two

“I bought a SUP board for my son’s birthday, and it was the best decision ever. He was so excited when he opened it, and he couldn’t wait to try it out. He learned how to paddle in no time, and he enjoys exploring new places with his board. He says it’s his favorite thing ever!” – Mark, dad of one

So what are you waiting for? Order your SUP boards today and get ready for some unforgettable family adventures! You won’t regret it! And if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Two kids on a MOAI SUP board, one is paddling and the other is practising yoga

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