I T ‘ S  T H A T  T I M E  A G A I N . . .
The festive season is nearly upon us. What to buy?!

Let us help you find the perfect gift for your friends or family. For some people you immediately know what to buy. For others you have no idea what they would appreciate. See our gift guide for MOAI gift inspiration. We have some nice accessoires for the real water sports enthusiast!

G I F T   I N S P I R A T I O N 
Be prepared for any weather condition. MOAI has a different kind of bags, drybags, dry backpacks, wheelybags and paddlebags.

MOAI dry backpack traveller is a great example for the perfect bag this season! it has a good capacity and allows it to be used in any weather condition, keeping things dry inside. Perfect for any outdoor adventure.

F O R  H O T  D R I N K S  T O O !
This bottle has a tight and secure closure thanks to high-quality bamboo lid with silicone seal. The MOAI water bottle not only keeps your drinks cold, but also keeps hot drinks warm. This bottle is ideal to take with you and also helps to warm up a bit during a break or after the session.

MOAI Bottle

K I D S   –  B E S T   G I F T S 

Let us inspire you with these unique Xmas kids gift ideas. It’s the most magical time of the year!

MOAI Kids Board 8’2

This is the perfect SUP board for the young rider, who is ready for new adventures! You also get a FREE poncho to keep you warm and dry. Don’t miss this awesome deal! Inflatable, easy to store ánd cary because of its light weight. Comes in a small package so it will fit underneath that Christmas tree 😉

But what about the additional accessories for the total experience! This nice and warm poncho will turn a smile into your kids face. MOAI Poncho

Kids these days. Taking their cellphone everywhere. Better protect it well with a waterproof phonebag. Advantages: waterproof, touch friendly, take calls, snowproof, portability, underwater photos & videos.
MOAI Waterproof phonebag

G E N E R O U S   G I F T S

But hey, you can always go crazy and buy a SUP board as a gift! Or may be you’ve been so good this year that you treat yourself. Some of the boards are on end-of-season sale. For example one of the bestsellers. Go get it! Buy now or cry later. (Click on the photo to see whole SUP-board range)

MOAI 10’6 Allround


Find online our selection of awesome gifts ideas under 20 euro from MOAI. Get unique gift  for kids, friends or family. We've made a fine selection for you. Free delivery over € 75 in EU. 

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